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Buy our booklet for just $4

and learn our unique techniques and secrets of pressed flower craft. Purchase price includes:

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  • List of useful plants, color retention tips and pressed flower plant reference sheet
  • How to press flowers and leaves using traditional and microwave methods
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Buy our booklet for just $4 and learn pressed flower craft.

Create your own pressed leaves and flowers with or without a microwave. Preserving flowers is easy with our simple instructions and plant list. Creating Pressed Flower Art Booklet written by the Artist and The Gardener - Joan Van Ryzin and Helen Van Ryzin.

Freshly picked and pressed flowers microwave perfectly! Learn how to make your own inexpensive microwave press, there is no need to purchase a special microwave press. Learn how to press roses, how to press leaves and how to preserve flowers so they last forever. Our knowledge and experience helps you choose the best flowers and leaves for pressing. Our plant list contains all flowers and herbs that we know press well. Roses and pansies can be pressed but often require help to hold their colors. Some herbs and other leaves may require special handling to produce the highest quality pressed flower or pressed leaf. All tips provided by The Artist and The Gardener.

Create your own pressed flowers following our simple guidelines.
Buy for our booklet today - it's only $4!

The Artist and the Gardener were preserving flowers and producing pressed flower art for 10 years from 1996-2006. We sold our work at garden and art festivals including The Philadelphia Flower Show. Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase our work. But you can purchase our booklet for just $4 and learn all about our flower pressing and artistic techniques and learn everything you need to know to create your own beautiful pressed flower art. But you can create your own masterpieces just like those made by The Artist and The Gardener.